Pizza Memories

Woke up with a serious craving for cheese and I recalled our pizza weekend tour a few months ago.

 First stop was Pizano's

Followed by Gino's East

It was a perfect cheese-tastic weekend.


Dear Future Self- Toast Art

Dear Future Self,

Given how much you love toast (and who doesn't), you should take inspiration from these things and really make your next breakfast into a work of art:


Domestic Ramblings- Let Them Eat Cake

Fashionable NY (telling the legendary tale known to all the family as the 'Great Rift'):  "It was the twins first birthday together in many years. One of the twins got a CD with Mozart, and the other twin got a CD with frog noises. This caused a great divide, resulting in the Frog twin erasing the Mozart twin's name from the cake."

Husband: "How old were they at the time, like 5?"

Fashionable NY: "No, like 40, this was just a few years ago."

Movable Feast- Gow Chow

The Movable Feast Food Trucks on Tuesday is truly a highlight of the work week. Food truck of the week was Gow Chow for some fried artichoke hearts and a vegetarian rice bowl with grilled eggplant.


Dear Future Self- Russia

Dear Future Self,

One day you will visit Russia and when you do, remember the following:
  • If you see a 10 ton meteor flying through the sky, don't panic. No one else will think it's a big deal.
  • Be weary of any slides or swings or any children's playgrounds for that matter.
  • Have a camera ready on hand at all times to capture the excitement.

MB Post & Bacon Cheddar Biscuits

Earlier this year, we ventured to Southern California and had dinner at MB Post. Great ambiance and service. It was completely packed with a number of people waiting in line hoping that someone would not show up for their reservation. But with bacon cheddar biscuits that were to die for on the menu, I highly doubt that anyone would not show up to indulge.

We were so excited about the bacon cheddar biscuits that we ate through half of the double order before I remembered I hadn't taken a photo yet. You can sort of see bits and pieces of the biscuits next to the pretzel. Just goes to show how delicious it was.

Flight of Bacon

After reading about this place serving a flight of bacon, I'm thinking there may be a road trip to Palm Springs in the future.


Memorial Day

Farewell Bacon Bacon

Apparently there is too much of a good thing.

"Department of Public Health officials say the owners of Bacon Bacon, located at 205A Frederick Street, have had months since opening the space to address these and other concerns. But following their failure to do so, the restaurant must shut its doors."


Goodbye Singapore

Great conference / vacation. Back to the 9-9 grind but Singapore, we'll definitely be back. The food is just too good and the locals are too friendly.

Husband: "The transformation is complete. I ate rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and enjoyed it."


Quick visit to the Singapore Art Museum and a chance for Husband to show off his artistic comedic skills. Plus we got to see Walter in person as well as view some of his greatest photos.

Sentosa and Indoor Surfing

We couldn't leave Singapore without a trip to Sentosa.

Clearly everyone had the same brilliant idea.

 Island feel- with the Port of Singapore in the background

All set to indoor surf

As usual, it wouldn't be a new sports activity without a set of minor injuries to show for it.


Conference- Singapore Style Part II

Celebrating the end of a successful conference at the Singapore Flower Dome.

The Street of Meat

Our food ventures continue with a visit to Lau Pa Sat to try some authentic satay. As you can see below, the visit was clearly a success.


Meat Sheet

It's like a sheet of bacon

That's What She Said

Interesting signs and advertisements seen:

 It's and- not or

 Don't even look at the water reserves thank you?

Pain indeed


 4 is creepy and 6 promotes red bull consumption. Excellent.

Disturbing monkey

 Interesting understanding of what Texas is all about

No food or a Asia...

Domestic Ramblings- Color of Your Food

Husband (looking at the photo of food options): "Do you notice that your peoples' food is all the same color?"

Wife: "You mean brown? That's because we'd rather eat more pork than add vegetables."

Husband: "Interesting philosophy."

Wife: "It works for us."