Over the weekend, Husband and I took a trip to De Young to see the latest exhibit featuring the jewels of Bvlgari. Needless to say- wow. Elizabeth Taylor's collection in particular was stunning. Yet another perk of this great city- a bling exhibit.


Domestic Ramblings- Flawless Hips

Me: Do you notice whenever the dance move [on Xbox] involves your hips you always get a flawless rating?

Husband: Don't mock the husband, it's not my fault I can rock my hips.


Circus Holidays

Themed parties are often questionable, but this year's holiday party theme of a circus was quite tastefully done. Circus fun without the clowns. Because that would be terrifying.


Superman House

While on a recent trip, Husband and I took a drive to see the Superman house, the place where Jerry Siegel conceived the idea of one of the greatest superhero legends ever. Imagination in a humble beginning can truly lead to a global phenomenon. Dare to dream.


Cheese Please

What makes a good husband? How about one that makes cheese! Oh husband, you and your homemade ricotta cheese spoil me. :-) I'm not complaining.


Domestic Ramblings- It's Simple

Husband: It's simple. There are only 2 things that need to work. My running shoes and my marriage.

Wife: Asics and the Catholic Church would be so proud.

Bright and New

The new span of the bridge is bright and beautiful. A nice welcome into the city.


Taco Surprise

Nothing says 'surprise!' more than a few dozen friends, unlimited drinks and tacos made to order. Happy Birthday to my no-nonsense gal pal!