Olive & Vine

Nestled in Glenn Ellen, in a complex of restaurants, is Olive & Vine. It practically screams posh with its high ceilings, modern open kitchen and collection of wine. Husband and I partook in a couples dinner with some shared plates and a bottle of amazing wine. I am usually not a huge fan of pinot but the Emeritus was shockingly balanced and smooth. Cheers to good food, good drinks and good friends.


Forever Young

In my dream house, I would have this instead of a dining table. Who needs to eat when one can dominate at air hockey! 


Thanksgiving Bacon

Bacon can make even an entire holiday dedicated to food better:  Bacon For Thanksgiving


As part of our wine country weekend, we paid a visit to Ledson Winery and their beautiful grounds. Wide variety, not sold in stores, great for pictures; skip the Pinot, and take note that they don't deduct tasting fee even if you buy a bottle.


Domestic Ramblings- Turon

Crossing Guard waiving her hand at the pedestrians waiting: "Come On"

Husband: "Did she just say turon?"

Me: "You are clearly anchored...or hungry"

His & Hers

Little creepy, but definitely gets the point across as to which bathroom door is intended for which gender.


Girl and the Fig

Wine country isn't just about wine; it's also about brunch and cheese. Husband and I took a short weekender to wine country with a few friends, and enjoyed a casual brunch at Girl and the Fig. Two words- cheese tower. One feeling- happy.


Vacation Home

One day maybe we'll be those kind of people who have vacation homes. Until then, we can take a vacation in someone elses home thanks to AirBnB. More importantly- a home with a pool. Now this is a vacation.



Lessons of the day- (1) A sampler is always a good idea; (2) When people say 'umm I think it would be enough for 2 people', that means yes it will definitely be enough for two people, probably even three people; and (3) the best places are always off the beaten path. Thanks Zaytoon for a fabulous Mediterranean spread. We will definitely be back.


Math Proves Bacon is Miracle Food


One of my favorite things to do is find hidden gems for culinary experiences in the City. Financial district is packed during the day but at night it tends to clear out to a ghost town. There's gotta be great restaurants still open, I thought. I thought right! Dinner at Machka was amazing, particularly the house hummus and kunefe.



Good Bites Cafe

We stumbled on this cafe by pure accident but sometimes the best things happen without any planning. Traditional filipino breakfast you say? Yes please! Good Bites Cafe is a family run restaurant with a Greek twist. Breakfast comes with the traditional sampling of choice of meat, plus garlic rice and eggs, but for good measure they throw in freshly made pita bread and hummus.

Full and happy. Now this is what I call happy food.


Climb On

Today's exploration in fitness is to Pipeworks in Sacramento for a round of bouldering. It's always a joy for Husband to get to explore new climbing gyms with new problems. I took my turn at a rough overhang problem and although I wasn't able to complete it, the challenge still brought a smile to my face (and hopefully some muscle to my back).

People's Guy

Wife: Do you think they ban Family Gun in China?

Husband: Maybe they just refer to it as People's Guy.