4 Courses

A roundup of the best servings of the week:

Course 1: Family & Friends

  • Dinner part at the Dynamic Duo house
  • Welcome to the world Kendrick and congrats Z!
  • Matchmaker is now a homeowner

Course 2: Food

Course 3: Fitness

  • Running in the Marina. <3 this town!

Course 4: Forever Remembered

  • SCOTUS watch and nerdy bets with the Husband on what the judges will do 
  • Fruit adventures
  • Looking back and speeding forward


Crissy Field Run

Who can resist going for a run along the bay with perfect California weather? Not us! Husband and I headed out to the Marina for a beautiful run from Fort Mason to Crissy Field.

Here's to a great weekend!

Fancy Tea

This is some fancy tea


Looking Back

We happened to drive by Husband's former bachelor pad. Pleased to see the new tenants look like they've settled in just great, and the cars parked along the street all look familiar. It's nice to look back sometimes, but more fun to look ahead.


9to9 Grind- Ice Cream

Today in the office:

A freezer of ice cream

Nick's Crispy Tacos

Tacos can be a decisive issue. Everyone has their opinion on what makes a taco great and who serves the best taco. For us, Nick's Crispy Tacos is definitely on the top of our list. $2 Taco Tuesday? Bottomless mimosas on the weekend? A taqueria in a bar with chandeliers? Sold!

Great steak salad

We also ordered grilled fish tacos Nick's way but we were so excited that we devoured them before I remembered to take a picture. Take my word for it, it was delicious.


Our love of food doesn't just extend to the fancy and the novel, we also love simple food joys like finding fruits at the local store we haven't tried. 

Angelcots (i.e. white apricots). Delicious!



It's a happy day in the Bay indeed.

Dinner Party Dynamic Duo Style

We aspire to be those people with a beautifully decorated home who throw dinner parties and cook meals based on what's fresh and in season, and the food is plated professionally and dripping with flavor and personality. One day. Fortunately, in the interim we have amazing friends who do.

Thanks to the Dynamic Duo for inviting us to your home and letting us partake in a wonderful home cooked meal. 


Daydreaming of Dolores Park

How I wish I could be at Dolores Park enjoying some ice cream from BiRite and a pastry from Tartine.

And speaking of Dolores Park:

Dynamo Donuts Kiosk

Ever since the maple bacon donut extravaganza, I've had a constant craving for these sweet treats. While in the Marina, I made a quick run to the Dynamo Donuts kiosk in the Marina Green, which serves the same famous flavored donuts of the Mission branch. After much thought, I settled on the strawberry early grey donut, which the Dynamo guy said was one of the most underrated flavors.


Foodie Secret Society

While attending a client meeting, I passed a conference room with this sign:

I asked the receptionist what organization this was for. She informed me it was "internal". How do I get invited to join this secret society?!

Sons & Daughters

Husband and I headed to Sons & Daughters to celebrate a special date night. We were tipped off to the restaurant by Husband's coworkers, and what a tip.

Sons & Daughters is a small Michelin rated restaurant with a fixed tasting menu. Compared to many fixed tasting menu restaurants in the city, this place is a bargain. The staff was incredibly attentive, but very down to earth which can be surprising in a Michelin rated restaurant. First we started off with an amuse bouche:

And then we moved on to the feast:

 Marin Miyagi oysters with dill and unique strawberry

Roasted bay beets spices and spring herbs

Delta asparagus with Monterrey seaweeds and smoked bread

 Fogline farm chicken, garden greens and pickled radish

Seared squab, fennel and golden sweet apricot

 The wine pairing with the squab was actually a beer, which was a delightful surprise.

The restaurant also had an amazing offering of breads that were served throughout the meal. I asked if it was possible to buy a loaf to go, which the server laughed at- I don't think she realized I was quite serious.

We then moved the journey on to dessert and a hot cup of coffee.  The coffee was unfortunately not great, but given how extraordinary the rest of the meal was, no complaints were going to be made.

 Raspberry curd, kumquat and salad burnet

 Geranium ice cream, blueberry and white chocolate


4 Courses

A roundup of the best servings of the week:

Course 1: Family & Friends

Course 2: Food

Course 3: Fitness

  • Late night run to the gym

Course 4: Forever Remembered

  • The little moments at home