Sons & Daughters

Husband and I headed to Sons & Daughters to celebrate a special date night. We were tipped off to the restaurant by Husband's coworkers, and what a tip.

Sons & Daughters is a small Michelin rated restaurant with a fixed tasting menu. Compared to many fixed tasting menu restaurants in the city, this place is a bargain. The staff was incredibly attentive, but very down to earth which can be surprising in a Michelin rated restaurant. First we started off with an amuse bouche:

And then we moved on to the feast:

 Marin Miyagi oysters with dill and unique strawberry

Roasted bay beets spices and spring herbs

Delta asparagus with Monterrey seaweeds and smoked bread

 Fogline farm chicken, garden greens and pickled radish

Seared squab, fennel and golden sweet apricot

 The wine pairing with the squab was actually a beer, which was a delightful surprise.

The restaurant also had an amazing offering of breads that were served throughout the meal. I asked if it was possible to buy a loaf to go, which the server laughed at- I don't think she realized I was quite serious.

We then moved the journey on to dessert and a hot cup of coffee.  The coffee was unfortunately not great, but given how extraordinary the rest of the meal was, no complaints were going to be made.

 Raspberry curd, kumquat and salad burnet

 Geranium ice cream, blueberry and white chocolate

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  1. Incredibly looking delicious food! Great presentation. Good job you two!

    Happy anniversary!


    Mommy & Daddy