Sunny Sushi

Tucked in a side street next to the train station is our new favorite sushi restaurant. And apparently half the city knew about it before us! It looks very nondescript on the outside but the inside is packed with regulars and authentic Japanese fare. Oh Sunny Sushi, you have just made 2 new regular customers.


Grilled Cheese Cake (with Bacon)

Make no mistake, you eat this and you're a gonner. But what a way to go....


The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
1 S Park Ave San Francisco,CA94107

Cal Academy of Science

Who knew that one of the hottest places in the city would be the Cal Academy of Science? I've never seen quite so many people dressed up at a museum, although this would be the museum for such extravagance. With a dj, pop up bar and a new exhibition on earthquakes, the Cal Academy of Science has made learning even more fun.




A few cold nights won't stop the quest for the best ice cream the city has to offer. Here's to honey lavender, salted caramel and the best family.



Empty beach and a beautiful day. What more could a family want?



Husband and I took a culinary adventure to Mingalaba for some long dreamt after burmese food. Small establishment with all the favorite dishes. Hello indeed, and thank you very much!