Avila Valley Farm- Part 2

More photos of our family's wonderful trip to Avila Valley Farm, which had a great market full of everything you could imagine. My favorite part of the shopping excursion was my dad buying me zucchini bread- it doesn't matter how old you are, a father buying you a treat is a beautiful thing.

Avila Valley Farm- Part 1

A beautiful day with family spent on the farm, enjoying fresh food and local culture. Proof that a vacation doesn't have to be to a far away land or entail dining at an expensive restaurant to be magical. Sometimes all you need is the ones you love- and a bit of sun.



Long overdue post on a wonderful trip with my parents, but I felt like this post deserved more than just 5 minutes of my attention in between conference calls. My family is so wonderful in fact that they deserve more than 1 post dedicated to an amazing trip.


Cheesy Commute

Yes, we are those cheesy commuters on the train who hold hands as we read our respective tablets.


Domestic Decadence

Husband knows how much I love food and in these busy days of stress and non-stop work, he has taken it upon himself to don the chef hat and whip up some amazing home cooked meals to help make the day bright.

 Lobster and white peach Caesar salad

Pork ribs and a glass of chimay

Men should take note; the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach and simple domestic actions to show you care.


Long Days Small Joys

The long work days continue but at least there are beautiful sunsets from my office and book arrivals to bring me joy and ideas for fun things to do once the fire drills cease.


Dear Future Self- Seriously But Not Too Seriously

Dear Future Self,

You may find yourself in the thing of the 9-to-9 grind again shortly, but just remember:

Not Over Yet

Summer isn't over yet- still time to keep working it out.


9to9 Grind- We All Scream for Ice Cream

Just another Friday...until it wasn't. Courtesy of a cooler full of hand made ice cream sandwiches. Three cheers for ice cream, and four cheers for the weekend.


Eat This Not That

The San Francisco Street Food Festival was more than just about the bugs; it was also a great time to hang out with Matchmaker and Alpha as we walked through the Mission sampling various treats. There were definitely the must have's like Three Twins Ice Cream, Senior Sisig Pork Tacos and spicy jambalaya. And of course, the penang peanut taco. 

What we couldn't bring ourselves to eat was the famous doughnut burger. I'm all about the food adventure (ummm I did eat bugs), but somehow this seemed to be too much even for me. Give me time...maybe San Francisco Street Food Festival 2014 will be the year...maybe.


We Heart Sushi

Everyone should have a sushi restaurant they call their own, where everyone knows their name and the owners only recognize you in your workout clothes. 


Bugging Out

Last weekend was the San Francisco street food festival and as always, I was armed with a food objective- eat a bug. I've read a lot about how bugs provide a sustainable protein source so I was thrilled to see that Don Bugito and their bugged out food fare was available.

Unfortunately all of the cricket tostada was sold out but I did get to indulge in the toffee meal worms vanilla ice cream. Verdict: Crunchy, not really bug tasting, would totally eat again.

As always, so grateful to have a Husband who was so good natured about walking the entire fair just to find this one stand and who happily sampled it with me. Food adventures are even more fun with someone to share it with.



You know a hole in the wall sandwich shop is great when it's 11:15am and there's a line forming with the shop doors still closed. Cool name, cool eats.


Lamb and eggplant


4 Courses

A roundup of the best servings of the week:

Course 1: Family & Friends, and Course 4: Forever Remembered

  • It's been a tough work week but thankfully I have Husband's support and his efforts this week will always be remembered.

Course 2: Food

Course 3: Fitness

To a great week and an even better one ahead.