I love Japanese food. It's up there with bacon. I'd go so far as to say it's on par with bacon. One of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco is a small restaurant Husband discovered in Japan Town called Kappa.

It's sandwiched on the upper floor of a nondescript building, with a small sign and a sliding door that causes initial confusion for everyone (do I knock? do I push/pull? Is this even it?). It seats about 10 people in the restaurant and another 5 in a private room. Make reservations and do it soon! It's a husband and wife run operation and the experience is nothing short of perfection.

The restaurant is a fixed price tasting menu and takes you on a culinary journey. Service is excellent and as far a prices go for tasting menus in San Francisco, it's a good deal. Let's take a tour shall we?

The true masterpiece of the meal is the 4th course which is an array of carefully chosen fresh seafood and quality meats cooked to perfection and arranged beautifully. Food is truly an art.

I'm hungry just reliving the memories! 

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