California Roll

Husband and I had sushi date night at California Roll in San Mateo, a very classy boat sushi establishment complete with paper signs of prices scotch taped to the window. Like I said, classy.

Ok, maybe 'classy' isn't the best description but it is fun. Sometimes a no frill date night is in order, complete with 99 cent sapporo draft and sushi with cereal on it. Yep, that's right. There was a roll covered in what I can only guess is fruity pebbles or easter colored rice crispies. I've eaten a lot of crazy things- durian, balut, the double down, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat that. I consider it an affront to my food loving spirit. But I did take a picture of it as it passed me on the conveyor belt.

A colleague getting married asked me recently what tip I would give him about marriage. I told him to never stop having date nights. It's all about the little moments. Like a simple date of sushi, half watching the game on the television above the bar and saying heck no to fruity pebble sushi, and heck yeah to a California roll with unagi the size of my palm.

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