Roka Akor

We headed to Roka Akor with a group of friends to celebrate being American, because what's more American than eating half your body weight. Roka Akor recently opened in Jackson Square and specializes in Robatayaki style open charcoal grilling cuisine.

Lessons learned from the evening:

  1. If you expect a perfect dinner with no mishaps, don't eat at a restaurant which just recently opened and is still fine tuning its process. 
  2. You can tell management is trying when they bring you complimentary cod and tempura rolls to account for said mishaps. Gestures like this go a long way.
  3. Cod fosters unity, and results in a dinner full of puns.
The magical cod of unity and fixing mishaps

Pork belly

Grilled sweet corn

With bellies full of cod, we meandered downstairs to the bar and toasted with one last drink. 

To cod, friendship and America.

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