Delicious Improvisation

Teacher paid us a visit, armed with a bag full of farmer's market treats.

Aside from her teaching skills (hence her nickname), she's also an amazing chef. Teacher improvised everything based on what she brought and what we had in our kitchen. Before scarfing down the delicious concoction, I had to take pictures of her culinary masterpieces.

 Organic greens with homemade dressing

 Half baked bread which we finished baking in our oven

Tomato kale fritata with goat cheese

 Peach raspberry crumble

With a little greek yogurt for fun

Believe me, the meal tasted even better than it looked. This is a give away of a true chef- someone who can just walk into any kitchen and put together a delicious meal by improvising. Sometimes a meal at home is better than any meal at a restaurant.

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