Gilroy Garlic Festival

We decided to take a mini road trip to Gilroy to cross an item off my food list and because Husband loves him some garlic. Love is not an exaggeration for how he feels about garlic. His love list is probably family, then fitness, then garlic. I may be giving myself too much credit for being the top of that list, but needless to say in a top 5 list of things he loves, garlic is on that list.

As always, Husband and I approached this event with ninja like precision and type-A pre-planning effort. We had our official 'hit list' of food items, all of which we got through.

Garlic Lumpia

Garlic Lavash Pizza

Garlic Mussels

(Not so garlicky) Garlic Ice Cream 

It was the largest food related fair I have ever been to in the United States and was definitely a fun experience. I'd recommend going early to avoid the traffic, leave any shoes you care about at home because it can get muddy and bring an appetite because the food options are abundant. Surprisingly there were many vendors that served non-garlic treats which we refused to patron in the overall spirit of the festival. Some other funny photos:

 Children in hamster balls

This very large frenchie refusing to move until his owners gave him something to drink.

As a souvenir of our trip, we brought home a gigantic garlic dark chocolate reese's cup which, unlike the ice cream, had a very distinctive yet surprisingly not overwhelming garlic taste.

If only ever weekend was a food festival type of weekend.

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