Nordstroms Cafe

Bakestress and I decided to hit up the Nordstroms half yearly sale like any true American gal. As preparation for the barrage of shoppers, we stopped for lunch at the newly renovated Nordstroms cafe. Bonus points- it also gave us another location for our summer hummus challenge!

This is what we call, fancy hummus

We fueled up with their fancy hummus, a summer fruit salad and a pancetta onion pizza. I'll save the full review of the hummus for later, but let's just say that this hummus definitely deserves to be on the list.

Despite the boost in sustenance and a determination to avail ourselves of the sale, neither of us bought a thing. I've noticed that as I've gotten more mature (which is the polite word for 'older' I know), I have gotten much more discerning about my purchases and I think that's a great thing. Here's to getting wiser- and to fancy hummus.

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