Oyster Shucking

As part of the long weekend, Husband and I decided to head to Drake's Bay for fresh oysters. The weather was typical of summer in the Bay Area but we were determined to sit along the water and enjoy the experience. Drake's Bay lets you purchase oysters of various sizes by the pound. Shucked oysters are much more expensive, so we opted for the as-is medium sized oysters and proceeded to shuck them ourselves.

As always, Husband was Mr. Popularity and a table full of local bartenders proceeded to offering us champagne, ask him for tips on surfing and kiteboarding, and inviting us to their respective bars of employment in the city for drinks.

Drake's Bay is actually embroiled in a legal battle over non-renewal by the government of their lease of the land. Signs like these are everywhere the route. It truly would be a shame if an institution like Drake's Bay were forced to close.

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